D4 Director Swery Teasing PC Version At GDC 2015


Despite releasing just a small taste of a much grander picture, D4 was one of the better Xbox One (and overall) game releases last year. Game director Swery started a great episodic series that combines murder mystery seriousness with zany, relatable characters. Plus, a cat/lady/cat lady anomaly. As Xbox One fans wait with bated breath for a new batch of episodes, a wider audience might be looking to experiencing the game for the first time.

Swery has been showing off a non-guaranteed PC version of D4 at GDC this week, as confirmed on Twitter. When asked (nay, demanded) that the game be released on Steam, here was Swery’s response:

With D4 accepting gamepad controls on Xbox One after a maligned initial plan for Kinect-only use (rendered useless by Microsoft’s decision to ditch its mandatory Xbox One inclusion), the jump to PC is quite possible. Swery has been public on the disappointing sales that D4 has brought him in the past, and removing the Xbox One exclusivity of D4 will mean that the current ~10 million install base will grow exponentially to match those with the popular digital distribution platform.

With PAX East just on the horizon, perhaps an announcement will come shortly about a PC version of D4. Fingers crossed!

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