MLB 15: The Show Gameplay Reminds Us Baseball Is Back


For all intents and purposes, baseball season is upon us. Pitchers and catcher will officially report to their clubs as early as February 18th, but some are already down in Florida and Arizona as we speak, training for a long 2015 campaign ahead. That’s why the latest MLB 15: The Show trailer serves as a perfect reminder that as handegg ends, America’s former pastime returns.

Showing one of the earliest non-livestreamed examples of the game, MLB 15: The Show is showing what it’s like to play baseball at 1080p resolution at 60 FPS, something SCE San Diego Studio couldn’t easily do due to Youtube only recently allowing such a framerate. Cashing in on the longing for warm days ahead, a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Summer Wind” hits the spot. More so is the changes to the game’s lighting system, aiming to provide a real-to-life recreation across MLB’s 30 different stadiums.

The trailer for MLB 15: The Show looks to be in-game footage, taking advantage of the series’ camera recording controls freely using dev tools. Seeing the pitchers’ unique throwing mechanics, swings of the bat from the like of Andrew McCutchen and Eric Hosmer, and the focus on all the little stadium interactions shows there’s a bit more life breathed into the latest entry in the series. It’s great to see the crowds of fans look like actual stadium-goers, throwing objects into the field and acting out of unison, something that took away from the game’s immersion in previous titles.

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What I liked about it most is just how the shadows look to creep in at certain stadiums. Sticklers for accuracy, it will be interesting to see how such changes will be addressed in other aspects of MLB 15: The Show. As shadows affect the ball trajectory most prominently in AT&T Park in San Francisco, it would be nice to hear the commentators make note of that during games. If there’s one thing that’s been a complete downer for an excellent baseball simulator, it’s that the limited broadcaster script feels wooden and repeatable. Hopefully, we hear more about that as we approach the game’s release.

MLB 15: The Show will be released exclusively for the PS4 on March 31st.

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