Nintendo Smash Bros Tour Hitting College Football Games


The Super Smash Bros Marketing Smashapalooza has been tearing up the United States over the past few months. Not only did it make a strong impact at E3 2014, Best Buy Stores and San Diego Comic-Con, but also at preview press events (where I got the chance to play the game myself). Nintendo is taking both the 3DS and Wii U version of the upcoming party game title on the road once again, but this time the focus will be on college students. The games company announced the reveal of The Tailgate Tour, which will see students of NCAA football teams face each other head-to-head in Smash play before the teams themselves hit the field.

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What’s interesting is that the release indicates the Wii U demo version will see fans of each school face off one-on-one, while the 3DS version that is available starting October 3rd (review here) “will be focused on letting friends settle their scores.” This, to me, indicates that the 3DS will employ team matches in order to better facilitate what is certain to be large crowds surrounding the Smash Bros booths. Furthermore, the event runs until November 29th, which is the day after Black Friday. If the Wii U version of the game is still only the 20-character playable demo form, wouldn’t it also indicate that the Wii U Smash will be released sometime afterwards?

Hopefully, this case will be that it’s only the demo version of the game for the Tailgate Tour regardless of release date, and that Smash Bros for Wii U will be released commercially by Black Friday. That is, hopefully for the fans and Nintendo’s sake. Here are the dates for the Smash Bros Tailgate Tour:

Oct. 4:LSU at Auburn
Oct. 11:Penn State at Michigan
Oct. 18:Georgia vs. Arkansas
Oct. 25:Alabama at Tennessee
Nov. 1:Florida vs. Georgia
Nov. 8:Alabama at LSU
Nov. 15:Florida State at Miami
Nov. 22:Louisville at Notre Dame
Nov. 29:Michigan at Ohio State

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