Nintendo Treehouse To Stream Smash Bros. 3DS On The 12th


Earlier this afternoon, Nintendo announced that its Treehouse Division will be streaming on September 12th, showing off the new Super Smash Bros. 3DS. Treehouse has been the face of Nintendo of America in recent months, with staff members being a part of the public streams at major events such as E3 and Comic-Con San Diego. Nintendo said on Twitter that this stream will last eight hours, though not all of it will be devoted to Smash Bros. Let’s be real though: people will be coming to see the new Smash Bros 3DS. Who could blame them? It’s primed to be one of the biggest titles of the year, and will likely be a game that’s played for many years by its devoted fans. This stream will be happening on the same day as the title’s Japanese release, possibly as a way to stay one step ahead of the spilling of secrets that is certain to occur.

The last important mystery to be solved is the full roster: a large portion of it was leaked last month, but according to sources there are still a few characters left un-revealed. Some speculate Ridley, a character that has been teased and hinted at for some time, while others are crossing their fingers for beloved veterans of the series to return. Who would you like to see put into the new Smash Bros. 3DS? Make your voice heard in the comments below!