Madden 15 Player Ratings: FS Rankings Revealed

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If you thought that the Safety positions would be bundled together (like I did), then you are sorely mistaken! Likely as the second-last list, EA Sports has revealed their rankings for the top 5 free safeties in the NFL, according to the Madden 15 player ratings. Previously, we have covered lists for the following positions: QB, RB, FB, WR, TE, O-Line, DE, DT, MLB, OLB and CB.

Blue, white and gold-ish colors are represented of the jerseys in the Top 5 Free Safeties, many of whom must remain “free” to cover the play or the quarterback (depending on the situation). Because of that, there’s a great need to be adaptable, with excellence in physical ability stats as well as intangible coverage stats in order to excel atop the rankings. The top 4 in this list are a tightly knit bunch, ranging between just 94 and 96.

With those things in consideration, let’s check out the EA Sports Madden 15 player ratings for the Top 5 Free Safeties.

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