Madden 15 Player Ratings: O-Line Rankings Revealed

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Rounding out the NFL positions on the offensive side (previously, the guys behind the Madden 15 player ratings ranked the best QB’s, RB’s, FB’s, WR’s and TE’s), EA Sports has revealed their rankings for the top five offensive linemen in the National Football League. The top players ranked as high as 98 and as “low” as 94.

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Due to the fact that players on the offensive line are ineligible receivers, most of the stats required to get a boost in rankings include blocking stats. Run Blocking, Impact Blocking, Pass Blocking and Strength are what’s important, but the ability to move around the line and make snap blocks can also make the difference between a failed comeback and an improbable catch for the ages. That’s why it’s good to have Speed, Agility and Acceleration, at times, even when placed behind the line of scrimmage.

Now let’s end the week of offensive players by detailing the Madden 15 player ratings.