Madden 15 Player Ratings: TE Rankings Released

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To cap off a week of Madden 15 player ratings for offensive players eligible to score (including quarterbacks, running backs, fullbacks and wide receivers), EA Sports had released their rankings for the Top 5 tight ends in the NFL, based off of the stats provided in game. The four best are separated by only four points, while the fifth best tight end is ahead of the pack in the great-but-not-elite tier.

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Tight ends have to be the most flexible members of the offense (outside the QB), as they have to line up at many different spots on the line and perform many tasks. Sometimes they will act as an extra or intended receiver, requiring good Speed, Catch, Route Running and Catch in Traffic stats to perform at the top level of play. Other time they have to act as a blocker for a play (especially on screen plays), and will need to utilize Run Blocking, Strength, Trucking and other impact-heavy stats. These TE players are all, at least, viable throw options in a scramble or a throw play, making them such valuable members along the line of scrimmage.

Without further adieu, here are the Madden 15 player ratings for the very best at the tight end position.