Madden 15 Player Ratings: DE Rankings Released

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Now that the offensive positions (QB, RB, FB, WR, TE, OL) have all been revealed, now is the time for EA Sports to start off their lists of the top defensive players in their football simulation game. They have begun their defensive half by listing the top five defensive ends, according to the Madden 15 player ratings provided. Overall ratings range from the max (99) to a very-respectable 93 within the five best.

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Being a defensive end is all about shutting down the offense either before or after the play happens. If you’re trying to sack the QB or tackle the running back behind the line of scrimmage, the Block Shedding, Tackling and Power Moves stats will help you edge out the guards trying to oppose you. If it’s about minimizing the yardage or deaking around an OL player to get to the ball, the Finesse Moves, Speed, Pursuit, Speed and Acceleration stats will allow the DE to better outsmart his opponent. A mix of both sets creates a more elite player.

Let’s kick off the defensive Madden 15 player ratings list with the top handful of defensive ends!