Fallout 4 Paid DLC Add-Ons Coming March, April & May


Evil robots, huntin’ monsters and a new case from Valentine’s Detective Agency are DLC options coming to Fallout 4 the next few months.

A $30 Season Pass for Fallout 4 seemed like a reasonable idea at the time. The game has been in production for so long that any content planned for release post-launch would come in to extend the game’s legs into the 2016 video gaming season. With nothing coming as of the first seven weeks of February, Bethesda provided an update that would let people know when the first three pieces of DLC would drop. Some of them were so unexpected that their additions will increase the price of the Season Pass for people who pick it up on March 1st and later.

The first piece of Fallout 4 DLC is titled “Automatron,” and will release in March for $9.99 USD. It brings more evil robots to the Boston Wasteland area, but also the opportunity to make your own robotic helper companions. Hundreds of modifications are at your fingertips, helping to protect your limbs, chest, head or stay on the offensive.

“Wasteland Workshop” will hit Fallout 4 in April, retailing at $4.99. Just like what some modders have done, the common player can now set down cages to capture live creatures. Whether you tame them or pit creatures and monsters against each other is up to you, and feeds into a new collection of settlement customization options, helping to add flair to your battle arenas and humble abodes.

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Finally, the biggest chunk of content announced for Fallout 4 will be the “Far Harbor” expansion. Retailing at a whopping $24.99 for a single piece of content in May, you will be sent to travel along the coast of Maine to the island of Far Harbor. Synths, Children of Atom and local townspeople will be fighting with each other, with the player put in a conflicted position. Bethesda remarks it as the “largest landmass for an add-on” they’ve created, filled with faction quests, settlements, creatures, dungeons, high-level weapons and armor.

Because of the additional feature-specific add-ons, however, in addition to unannounced future Season Pass content, Bethesda will raise the price of the Fallout 4 Season Pass starting March 1st, from $29.99 to $49.99 USD. People who currently have the pass, however, need not worry, as their price (and everyone who picks it up before March 1st) will be locked in at that lower price. It’s a brilliant move from a marketing standpoint, creating a call to action in order to make people save $20 for content they can’t even get to try out first to see if they like. At $50 for those who wait and see if the DLC is actually worth it to invest in, cautious consumerism is being punished.