Firewatch Already Has A Speedrun World Record, Legit Tech


People will try to speedrun any type of game possible, and narrative adventures like Firewatch are no exception.

Warning: The video below shows a complete-game speedrun of Firewatch. Spoilers within!

Something that initially drew me to Games Done Quick livestream marathons (beyond the very noble cause of raising money for charity) is the variety of games on display. One day you might get a block of Mega Man games, the next you might see a showcase of Stepmania played better than you could possibly imagine. To me, an intriguing niche is single-location adventure game, and with the recent release of Firewatch we already have a world record Any% run and a tutorial to help you play a very short adventure game even quicker.

Speedrunner Kevbot43 posted the above Firewatch speedrun attempt, aimed at helping grow a community of like-minded people who enjoy playing games in an unexpected way. As the video goes on, you will find there is legitimate speed-up tech involved in making the gameplay go faster, including picking specific response options, shortcuts, optimizing shortcuts and using unskippable cutscene downtime to perform actions to hasten the time it takes to do events for future days.

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Currently, the best time for Firewatch Any% is 1:11:42, but as time goes on the optimal route will be improved in a number of unthinkable ways. Segment skips, glitch abuse, cutting down on lengthy animations; in an Any% run, beating Firewatch as fast as possible is the main goal. However, just by watching this run in the early stages shave hours off a traditional playthrough, you can tell there is a substantial amount of gameplay mechanics involved in the entirety of the story. Think about that the next time you call a game a “walking simulator” just because a game’s first-person narrative doesn’t involve shooting someone’s brains out.

Even if the Any% run of Gone Home is absolutely hilarious, with the world record completed by someone who had only attempted speedrunning for the first time the day prior.