Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 Raises $1.21M For Charity


The Prevent Cancer Foundation can expect a lot of support from Awesome Games Done Quick this year.

What an incredible week for SpeedRunsLive, Speed Demos Archive, the Prevent Cancer Foundation and video games! If you were previously unaware, a large collection of video game speedrunners have been gathering on the first Sunday of each new year to marathon video game speedruns for a week straight, usually ending on Sunday morning. It’s called Awesome Games Done Quick, and the Game Done Quick organization has raised millions upon millions of dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Last night, Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 came to a close with one last “Time!” called at almost 3 AM ET this morning, with the final total amount raised equalling more than $1,212,000, as of press time.

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While this year’s speedrunning attempt did not improve upon last year’s final total of just over $1,576,000, there were several factors at play.

First, Humble Bundle didn’t act as a sponsor this year, meaning money contributed from specific games bundles weren’t added into the total. Second, this year’s offering of bids, donation incentives and runs was just a tad lacking. Bloodborne Any% really should have been an All Bosses run, Super Metroid’s Reverse Boss Order should have been a race instead of a multiple death, ultimately failed run and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Maksk and Super Mario Galaxy should not have been designated to the graveyard shift. And that was only just concerning the final day!

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 transitions into Summer Games Done Quick. Super Mario Maker is now a proven entertaining commodity, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is coming out soon and there are a ton of interesting RPG’s and action games coming out in Q1 2016. Just how to use those games to best incentivize support of that event’s charity of choice, Medecins Sans Frontières, is just part of the fun.

Congratulations to all the speedrunners and attendees at Awesome Games Done Quick 2016!