Street Fighter V Trophies Are Little Stories Told In First Person


Capcom has kept things relaxed with Street Fighter V, all the way down to trophies and their descriptions.

Most things about Capcom’s preparation for Street Fighter V seems to be pretty much on point. From putting importance on building a fighting game community down to creating a roster that can be fully unlocked for free through gameplay, development of the game seems built up to a concise vision and executing on it. Even the trophies are getting fully fleshed out, with Exophase posting the 45 trophies you can earn in Street Fighter V.

Normally, trophy descriptions are explicit directions on how to earn them. In Street Fighter V, however, each trophy is accompanied by a portrait of a character doing some sort of action, followed by a first-person explanation.

Mild spoiler warning for the rest of the piece.

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For example, you have a Gold Trophy named “Back From Hell,” in which M. Bison taunts you into trying the Street Fighter V Survival Mode on extreme difficulty. “Come back alive, and I’ll grant you an audience with none other than me, the great Lord Bison!” Another “Not-So-Secret Admirer” trophy has Chun Li push you into adding a favorite player. “When someone sets their sights on you, don’t you just wanna try even harder? Add someone to your Favorites and see what happens!”

The trophies, more importantly, detail some Street Fighter V gameplay challenges. Many are straightforward, telling you to complete gameplay modes on all difficulties, raising character levels, etc. The online components, however, may be more tricky to newcomers without some serious cheesing, making you win 300 ranked battles, reach Golden League and a number of highly technical match finishes. You will need to play literally thousands of matches to get that Platinum Trophy, lending credence to the idea that Street Fighter V is a game built for the long haul.

You can check out the full list here.

Street Fighter V will launch on PC and console exclusive to the PS4 on February 16th.