Battalion 1944 Hits Funding Goal After Three Days


More “awesome” Battalion 1944 stretch goals are on the way, soon.

Developer Bulkhead Interactive said Battalion 1944 reached its Kickstarter goal and exceeded it, today. Three days after the Kickstarter launched, Battalion 1944 totaled over and beyond its £100,000 ($144,000 USD) goal. Now, after the initial great success, Bulkhead Interactive plans to release more “awesome” stretch goals in the near future.

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“We did it. Battalion 1944 is now confirmed to be fully in development for ‪Steam‬‬, ‪Xbox One‬‬ and‪ ‎PlayStation 4‬‬, bringing World War 2 into the next generation of video games! THANK YOU,” said Bulkhead Interactive via its Kickstarter page.

“To celebrate, we’ve made a video directly to everyone who has backed and supported Battalion 1944 so far. We’re a little emotional over the support as we’ve read as many of your videos, articles and comments as humanly possible for an independent team.”

Here is the cool little “thank you” video below in response to reaching its initial goal:

Kickstarter takes a lot of heat at times, but it is great to see a game like this generate a crazy amount of buzz and popularity in just three days! Hopefully, Battalion 1944 can deliver in a big way and meet (exceed) expectations.

There are 26 days left to pledge and receive exclusive Battalion 1944 Kickstarter rewards, so go over there soon and support now, if you want to back the game.