Battalion 1944 Announced, Seeks Funding on Kickstarter


Turn back the clock to 1994, Battalion promises new gameplay in the WWII era.

Announced today, through the power of Kickstarter, Battalion 1944 is green-lighted for funding.

Are you a WWII fan? Do you remember the good ol’ days on the Call of Duty 2 battlefield with your Kar98k in hand? Well, I do, and so does Bulkhead Interactive. Battalion 1944 is built on history, player-to-player combat, and bare-bone, first-person gunplay (no exo-suits or killstreaks included, sorry).

If the brief description above gets you excited then go jump over to Kickstarter and pledge to Bulkhead Interactive and their new project. If you want some more details, continue to read on, I will highlight a few below.

battalion 1944 kickstarter
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First off, before people get upset and in a frenzy: the game is a multiplayer only. Yes, many out there are devoted to their single-player experience but it’s 2016, and (mostly) every game is based online. Now, for some more cool details of the game broken down below:

  • Battalion 1944 will be available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.
  • Real-world locations like Carentan and Bastogne are featured in the game.
  • Season-type leader boards will reward players with avatar, weapons and accessory rewards.
  • Many CoD-like game modes are present: deathmatch, domination, and capture the flag (the Bulkhead Interactive team is open to more).
  • 4v4/5v5/6v6 player matches are available.
  • Maps are close-quarters, focused on balance, and true player skill (no gimmicks, yes!).
  • An anti-cheat system is in the works, no cheaters are allowed.
  • Fully-customizable weapons and soldiers are present ex. Call of Duty.
  • The game will run on the Unreal Engine 4.

Sounds like a promising and pretty awesome idea. Many have been clamoring for a WWII type of game on next-Gen consoles and now, maybe, Battalion 1944 is their new fix of old, army-styled, first-person, gun-on-gun action.

Also, take a look below at some (awesome) early gameplay from Battalion 1944: