Detective Pikachu Game Is Real, Coming Soon To Japan


That was not the voice I was expecting to come out of Detective Pikachu!

A long, long time ago, we reported on the rumor of a Detective Pikachu game being in development over in Japan. It looked cutesy, fun and just the kind of wackiness treatment that Pikachu received in the Hey You, Pikachu! heydays. Today, Kotaku reports that not only is the game coming out (in Japan only, right now), but it’s coming out real soon.

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Too many things are going on in this trailer for Meitantei Pikachu: Shin Konbi Tanjyou that just jump out at you as totally unexpected. First comes Pikachu in a Deerstalker hat sipping coffee like he’s goddamn Sherlock Holmes, followed by the reveal that it’s not a deep-voiced narrator speaking, but Detective Pikachu, himself! That was certainly an expectation-shattering moment, confirmed later by the good detective talking to a normal, name-repeating Pikachu.

It looks like Detective Pikachu will be partnered up with a human in the game, wearing a red hoodie. It’s not clear if he’s a trainer or a teammate, but what is clear is our small detective will interact with other Pokemon, including getting chased by them or helping them out with cases.

Detective Pikachu is headed to the Nintendo 3DS eShop on February 3 in Japan. At 1,500 yen, it will launch with a 20% discount until February 29th. There are no announcements of a Nintendo of America localization at this time, especially with such a low-budget, low-priced game, however, the allusions to New York in the trailer give at least a faint bit of hope.