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Report: New Pokemon Game To Be A Detective Game


It’s Pokemon’s version of Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Remember when Japanese TV station NHK announced a new, never before seen Pokemon game featuring the lovable Pikachu was in development? Well, more details about this mystery game have been revealed thanks to

This new game, which is being developed for the 3DS and has a 2015 release planned, will reportedly be a first-person detective game with Pikachu as the partner of the player. The game will also include a rare Pikachu that will be the main enemy, but the company did say they don’t think Pokemon fans would like a Pikachu in a villainous role.

A special blue Pikachu, who can talk, is also rumored to be a part of this new title. It’s unclear at this time whether or not the special blue talking Pikachu would also be the evil one.

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