Minecraft On Wii U Has Disappointing GamePad Functionality


Those who thought a tablet controller would let you do tablet-like things in Minecraft on Wii U are sorely mistaken.

Before Monday, many on the Wii U had been clamoring for a version of Mojang’s Minecraft to come to the platform. Considering the imaginative world-building combined with the GamePad’s touch screen would allow for a more immersive crafting experience, especially if the Mojang allowed you to use the GamePad to craft or manage your items within the controller’s screen. It seemed like a no-brainer!

If only someone had those qualifications at Mojang.

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That’s the director of creative communications for Mojang, Owen Hill, confirming that the Wii U GamePad will only serve as a second screen for those playing Minecraft on Nintendo’s latest home console. Considering that ports of Minecraft to other consoles, including the PS Vita, received their own special functionalities as part of the porting process, a years-late Wii U release now seems like a last-ditch effort to make some money out of Wii U owners before the inevitable jump to the NX in as early as 2016.

I mean, at the very least showing off Minecraft gameplay on both screens at the same time means Mojang are at least putting some effort into the port. But, considering the depth of creativity players can enjoy when within the game world, and how only one console at this point in time can really offer to go hog wild in terms of menu UI and gameplay optimization when it comes to item management in an item-dependent game, hopefully this will only be a short-term disappointment for Wii U owners.

h/t Nintendo Life