Shovel Knight amiibo Coming In Early January


The first official non-Nintendo-property amiibo will be Yacht Club’s Shovel Knight, in stores January 2016.

While we knew that Nintendo would bring out a Shovel Knight amiibo ever since Arin and the rest of the Game Grumps crew helped announce it for Nintendo, there was still the most important nugget of information missing; when was the damn thing coming out? Yacht Club Games has finally broken their silence, as the Shovel Knight amiibo will be coming to North America on January 8th, 2016.

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Retailing at a standard $12.99 price, the Shovel Knight amiibo will bring added gameplay functionality to Shovel Knight, itself, on the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS. Tapping the amiibo into the game will add a co-op partner to help you through the difficult, treacherous obstacles that will face you on your quest to rescue shield knight from The Order Of No Quarter. Additionally, you can take your co-op partner and try out some level-specific platforming and combat challenges. Custom Knight can even level up to 50 by finding treasure, and can be altered in a number of different color schemes.

Europeans, in a rare case of a piece of Nintendo gaming merchandise coming to them first before North America, will not have to wait until the year 2016 to get their hands on a Shovel Knight amiibo. They will be getting it as early as next Friday, December 11th at either £10.99 in the UK or for 14.99 euros. The reason, Yacht Club Games insists, is to make sure that there is a fair amount of actual merchandise available once it is released, as opposed to the situations we’ve seen where the good amiibo become rare almost immediately due to shipping constraints.

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