First Star Wars Battlefront Expansion Coming Out Early 2016


Look, everyone; Star Wars Battlefront is out today! Finally, a return to Star Wars gaming for the first time in a long while outside of the “Disappointing MMO” category. Because EA is making the future of main Star Wars console + PC games (and they will be for a long time), it makes sense that even on launch day we get plans for the future of its DLC content. The first expansion pack in the $50 Season Pass (!) is planned for an early 2016 launch, according to the Star Wars EA website.

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As we learned from before, the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass will carry four expansions throughout its run. Over the expansions, 20 new pieces of Star Wars tech (weapons, vehicles, Star Cards for both teams), four heroes and villains, sixteen added multiplayer maps, four new game modes, two weeks of early access and an exclusive “Shoot First” emote come with the season pass. It is just recently that we learned of the planned release date for Expansion Pack #1.

This slew of add-on content does not include the Battle of Jakku DLC, which is coming to pre-ordered copies of Star Wars Battlefront on December 1. December 8 is when it comes to all players for free.

Considering that the focus of criticism in reviews of Star Wars Battlefront today regard the game’s lack of content, it seems like a great deal of it will lie in the $50 Season Pass. It’s a shame, as having more multiplayer maps in add-on content than in the base game at launch does the consumer a real disservice. Fans shouldn’t have to pay $110 to feel like they got a fair experience of the game, especially when shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield have a number of multiplayer maps plus a single player campaign at the jump-in price of $60.

h/t Polygon