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Fallout 4 PSA: Game-Breaking Bug Found


As par for the course when it comes to launch windows for massive open world games, a game-breaking bug has been discovered in Fallout 4. It has been shared on the Bethesda forums and, unfortunately, it can be repeated. So far, the bug has been discovered to work on PC and PS4, with one occurrence so far on the Xbox One. It appears to happen no matter the platform.

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In the early-ish part of Fallout 4, there is a settlement quest where you, the player, are sent to Monsignor Plaza. Once you arrive, the game will crash. On PC, even reformatting your operating system doesn’t seem to work as a bug fix. There are several workarounds listed for the PC, including console commands for specific quests, but there are no hard fixes to the problem as of yet. It looks like Bethesda will need to work fast to hotfix the problem, as it is fairly early enough in the game that new players can have their Fallout 4 experience effectively ruined.

Oddly enough, Bethesda hasn’t publicly commented on the problem, making the scope of the issue unknown in its severity. It’s an odd stance to take, especially in an online gaming age where publishers like Konami are sharing update messages by the half-dozens when you load up into Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, including bug issues. Keeping quiet (heh) about bugs that can affect peoples’ games that they paid hard money on at launch does nobody any good, especially when Bethesda’s reputation with their game engines leaves a lot to be desired.

h/t Destructoid