105 Games Join PlayStation Now, Giving It Purpose


If there’s one thing that the PS4 absolutely lags behind in compared to its competition in the Xbox One and Wii U, it’s that it brings very weak support for both backwards compatibility and support for classic PlayStation games from previous generations. PlayStation Now launched to a whimper, the majority of titles coming in first-party support from the PS3, in addition to several groups of smaller games. Now it appears as though Sony is waking up again to promoting the service by announcing an additional 105 games coming to PlayStation Now, available right now.

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These aren’t your middle/shovelware games, either; there are a ton of gems coming to PlayStation Now as part of this batch of 105 titles. Capcom is really bringing the thunder on this service update, bringing back titles from the Mega Man, Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Commando series’, in addition to newer hits from Lost Planet and Dead Rising. There are title from other publishers, as well, with titles from genres ranging from fighting games, puzzle and adventure, shooters, RPG’s, racing, plus categories for classics, indies and Neo Geo/SNK. Users of the service now have a ton more variety in what they can play.

While Sony’s best attempt to sway interest from Xbox One’s Xbox 360 backwards compatibility is a noble one, it’s really just the best they can do for titles from the PS3. The cell makes porting titles for native BC a nightmare for the PS4, unlike what Microsoft can do for the Xbox 360. That said, it’s still a shame support for PS2 and PS1 games just isn’t there for the PS4 right now. PlayStation Now will be supported on a multitude of platforms, yes, but the PS4 is their bread and butter going forward with the Games & Network Services division. Getting true PlayStation classics on their streaming service (or on the PS4) needs to happen, and fast.