PlayStation Now Subscription Service To Launch Mid-January


When PlayStation Now was announced, it looked like a cool way to bring PlayStation games old and new across several gaming devices. However, when beta mode was entered, some of the price points for rentals were a bit concerning. Now, with PlayStation Now launching on January 13 according to the PlayStation Blog, the subscription model looks to be a lot more consumer-friendly.

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Launching first on the PS4, PlayStation Now will begin by offering unlimited play access to more than 100 PS3 games streamed to your home console. Some of the titles promoted include The Last of Us, XCOM: Enemy Within, God of War: Ascension, Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead, Infamous and others.

Currently, there are two subscription price points for PlayStation Now; $19.99 for one month or $44.99 ($14.99/month) over three months. Now, of course the selection of games won’t be as vast for new PS4 owners as it will one year down the line, but when you compare the price points to what GameFly offers while forcing you to take out a maximum two games at a time and making you wait until they ship them to your home, $15/month is a competitively-aimed entry fee.

Plus, without having to download, install or patch titles, it’s a great way for those who picked up a Sony console for the first time in the PS4 get instant access to a great deal of the last generation’s back catalog. Personally, since I own a PS3 and love lagless inputs, the service isn’t for me, but the PlayStation Now looks to be a great way for new Sony gamers to see just exactly what they’ve been missing for the past few years.

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