PS4 Sales Now Close To 30 Million Units Total


If you haven’t been paying close attention, you wouldn’t have noticed that the PS4 has been selling on a growth rate not too dissimilar to that of the PS2. Today, as Sony releases its financial report for the three months ending on September 30, 2015, it was revealed that the PS4 has sold 4 million consoles in the past three months, up from 3.3 million units year over year in the same time period. That brings the total lifetime sales of the console to 29.3 million; the PS2 had sold just 24.99 million units in the same amount of time since its launch.

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More importantly for Sony, the company itself reported a net profit of $280 million in its second quarter; a great sign for a corporation that analysts fear will sell off into little bits and pieces at a moment’s notice. No doubt the Games and Network Services division helped, providing 3 of the $15.8 billion in revenue during the second quarter of FY 2016. That revenue is a 16% year over year increase from last year during the same period, in addition to a 9.8% increase in operating income year over year at $199 million.

All of this information comes before the PS4 officially announced a $50 price cut for the console, which will certainly lead to a significant jump in sales of the device as we head into the final three months of the calendar 2015. That goes without mentioning the first and third-party hardware + software bundles that Sony has lined up for the holiday season, all of which will aim to bring the console sales total to a number far beyond the 30 million mark it is on the precipice of reaching right now.

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