Sony Is Launching Its Own eSports League


This is games week in Paris and Sony is set to have a huge presentation just a few hours from now, but one of their biggest announcements ma have leaked just a tad early.

IGN is reporting that Sony is planning to launch their own eSports platform called PlayStation Plus League. This comes from a French language website that just recently appeared and featuring competitive game such as FIFA 16 and Ultra Street Fighter 4. There apparently will be different divisions and championship seasons along with possible cash payouts for top players. And it also seems like the PlayStation Plus League is ready to launch this week as several tournaments are set to start this week including games like Rocket League & Mortal Kombat X

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Of course eSports is pretty huge and growing by leaps and bounds, but it will be interesting to see if Sony can make their own platform exclusive league take off. There’s still a lot of details we don’t know. Although we don’t know for sure, odds are this league is only for PS4 owners. And will upcoming competitive games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops III
and Star Wars Battlefront be included? Cash payouts seem to be a thing, but will they be enough for someone to make a living off as some do for other competitive eSports leagues? Probably something also to consider (although I’m sure it won’t be brought up at the presentation) is how the league will be regulated by Sony in order to catch any cheaters. Of course if the cash payouts aren’t that big, they may not put as much effort into it. We’ll hopefully learn more in just a few hours. Stay tuned to GameSided for all the latest from Paris Games Week!

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