PlayStation Plus March 2016: Broforce, Galak-Z & More


A bevy of pretty great indie titles compose the PlayStation Plus March 2016 lineup, led by the Vote To Play winner.

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Another month, another batch of video games coming to the PlayStation Plus service. This upcoming month will feature the winner of the last “Vote To Play” campaign, meaning Broforce will be headlining the PS4 offerings. Sony has provided a promotional video highlighting the games coming to PS4 users next month as part of the PlayStation Plus service, while the PlayStation Blog has the full PS3 and PS Vita breakdown.

Broforce is a pixel-heavy run ‘n’ gun shooter that calls back to the good ol’ NES and Super NES days of Contra and Metal Slug. Shoot at a variety of foes with friends as teammates, capture objectives and blow up the environment with a heavy impact.

While Broforce will come free, those who voted on Assault Android Cactus and Action Henk won’t be going home empty handed. Each will receive a 30% PlayStation Plus discount from March 8th to March 21st, giving players a fair incentive for checking them out either way. Meanwhile, Galak-Z will act at the other PS4 title this month. Up until launch, it was thought to be a simple 2D sci-fi space shooter with procedural generation. At the last second, it was revealed your spacecraft could morph into a mech complete with laser sword, adding another dimension to gameplay.

Here is your full PlayStation Plus March 2016 lineup. Unfortunately, no cross-platform support this time around.

  • Broforce, PS4
  • Galak-Z, PS4
  • Flame Over, PS Vita
  • Reality Fighters, PS Vita
  • Super Stardust HD, PS3
  • The Last Guy, PS3