Final Boss Of World Of Warcraft Causes 1 HP Wipe


Raid wipe stories at 1% HP are common tales in the World of Warcraft raiding community. Getting a difficult enemy down to just a sliver of HP before being completely demolished yourself is one of the most frustrating things to happen, especially if it’s an enemy you spent months getting to, and weeks taking on. A German raiding guild took that to the next level this week. During a Mythic fight (the hardest level of content in WoW) against Archimonde, currently the most difficult boss in the game, they wiped not just at 1%…but at 1HP. Out of 464 million HP.

Fortunately, German guild The Unnamed got the kill just yesterday, putting them at 170 in the World Rankings. Mythic Archimonde is nothing to sneeze at. The base version of the encounter involves fire, pillars spawning from beneath your feet, fire, enemies meteoring in from the sky, fire, demons pouring from a portal, fire, killing enemies in the Twisting Nether, and plenty of fire. The Mythic encounter adds another phase entirely taking place in the Twisting Nether, a shadowy realm requiring very precise movement and high damage and coordination.

Congrats to The Unnamed for conquering what may be the most discouraging thing that could possibly happen to a raid team. Now at least they can relax for several months…Legion’s a long way away still.

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