Gamescom 2015: World of Warcraft Legion Expansion


At Gamescom 2015, Blizzard has just unveiled the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, simply titled: World of Warcraft Legion. In this expansion, the Burning Legion makes a terrifying return instigated by Gul’dan and lead by Illidan Stormrage.

The announcement kicked off with a teaser trailer detailing the events just after the heroes in Draenor defeat Archimonde at the Black Gate:

The expansion will feature a new level cap of 110 and a new region: The Broken Isles:

A new hero class, the Demon Hunter, will be introduced, and they may not be too friendly:

The Demon Hunters will receive an introductory quest series in their own zone similar to the Death Knights. It will reveal their backstory, and why they are helping the heroes of Azeroth.

The new zones look beautiful in the screenshots shown, and no wonder. The zones are heavily based on Night Elf culture, and take place on Night Elf ruins, but we’ll see more than just elves. There’s an entire tauren zone, Azshara will make an appearance, we’ll see some blue dragonflight and visit the Emerald Nightmare. Plus, players need to collect Titan relics to defeat the Burning Legion. Does that mean more Titan raids? Please!

New artifact weapons will be added to the game, one for each class specialization. Each spec will have its own class quest for an ancient weapon that will take them to a different place in the world of Azeroth to collect a special weapon. As you quest, dungeon, and complete other objectives, you will gain artifact power to boost and customize your weapon both visually and for combat. Each artifact has a “trait tree” allowing you to spend points on certain abilities for your weapon. You can also change colors and visual effects after unlocking certain customization options through in-game objectives.

The new expansion will also introduce new class halls: special orders based on your class that will play a vital role in stopping Illidan and his demon army as they invade Azeroth through a portal in the Broken Isles. The focus of the expansion is heavily on class identity. The player, as wielder of a legendary weapon, will lead his or her class order from a class-appropriate location where you can see others of your class.

The class halls are based on Garrison technology, but with fewer, more meaningful followers and a more sophisticated system. More world integration and interaction has been promised, and more of your followers will be established characters with more customization and storyline. The idea is not for followers to do things instead of you, but to enable you to do more.

Of course, more dungeons and raids are also on their way. Legion will offer a new focus on dungeons. Dungeons include the Halls of Valor (full of Vrykul and Val’kyr); Black Rook Hold (an ancient elven fortress); and Vault of the Wardens (a return to the Demon Hunter starting zone). Also included are Eye of Azshara, Darkheart Thicket, Neltharion’s Lair, Helheim, Suramar City, and a return to Violet Hold, a dungeon from Lich King.

Raids will include The Emerald Nightmare itself, with seven bosses, including Xavius. Suramar Palace is next. Suramar Palace is home of the Nightwell, the antithesis of the Sunwell. It has ten bosses, including (finally) Gul’dan.

For an overview, here’s the introduction trailer for World of Warcraft Legion:

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