official blog post, Red Hook Studios has revealed the release date for their upcoming roguelike dungeon crawler..."/> official blog post, Red Hook Studios has revealed the release date for their upcoming roguelike dungeon crawler..."/>

Darkest Dungeon Release Date Officially Set


In an official blog post, Red Hook Studios has revealed the release date for their upcoming roguelike dungeon crawler: Darkest Dungeon. Darkest Dungeon has been available through Steam Early Access since February (January for backers) and the finished product is finally on its way. Darkest Dungeon will be released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita on January 19, 2016.

Darkest Dungeon is a dungeon crawler with a unique twist: it focuses on the flaws and struggles, both physical and psychological, involved in being a team of heroes trekking through darkness and monsters. Characters’ stress levels and spirits will need to be monitored and helped as they travel, as they can succumb to their own minds just as easily as to monsters.

There have been some delays–originally the game was planned for an October release, that was then pushed back to December. These were not set-in-stone dates, though, and prolonging a game for four months with a team comprised of only four people seems more than reasonable, especially with the Early Access version to keep people busy and aware of updates. Assuming all goes as planned between them and now, Darkest Dungeon stands to be another shining example of Kickstarter Gone Well. It reached its funding goal of $75,000 after only two days of campaigning, and has now gone on to be (presumably) a finished product.

From the blog post:

"Greetings everyone!Thank you for being part of the Darkest Dungeon early access experience! This community has grown beyond our expectations, and we’re both grateful and humbled by your support, ideas, critiques, and feedback throughout this past year.From the moment we launched early access back in February, we had two important priorities: regularly deliver exciting, meaty updates to the game, and ship the full release this year. We recognized that October would not only be an awesome thematic fit for the full release, but it was early enough in the year to avoid getting swept away by the massive AAA releases around Thanksgiving.As many of you know, game development has a great many dependencies and variables. Between PAX’s, Coves, & corpses, it became clear that an October date would mean rushing our endgame content out the door – a move that would ultimately not be in anyone’s best interest. So, we looked at the December 1st timeframe – it would be tight, but with a few lucky bounces and a whole lot of focus, it was doable. A Death Star trench run with Obiwan gently whispering in our ears.Unfortunately, late last week Chris’ father-in-law passed away suddenly. Given our small team size, events such as these have a measurable effect on development. If anyone is out of action, it means delays because each person’s job is highly specialized.As a result, we have set January 19th as our Official Launch Day."

New updates to the Early Access version are also imminent, including a new playable hero and two backer-designed monsters.

Congrats to Red Hook Studios! May more Kickstarter games follow in your footsteps.

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