Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition Coming To Europe


Despite Sony Japan announcing an Old Hunters edition of Bloodborne at their pre-Tokyo Game Show 2015 press conference, it appears as though a more Westernized package will be coming to outside gaming markets. The EU PlayStation Blog has announced today that a legitimate Game of the Year candidate, Bloodborne, will have a Game of the Year edition come to the region on November 27.

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Even though it doesn’t carry the expansion pack namesake, the Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition will also provide The Old Hunters DLC, which will explore new environments (including a “monolithic clock tower”), while adding new weapons and outfits. It was a secondary/tertiary aspect of the game, but the idea that outfits are getting more attention means we will see the glorious aesthetic meta that is Fashionborne.

Here is what the Bloodborne: Game of the Year Edition will look like in the EU:

Even though a package something along these lines will come to North America, the fact that an announcement of the Bloodborne + DLC pack comes to the EU and not the US at the same time provides a variety of options. The PS4 already has a few bundles coming this holiday season, but a Bloodborne GotY + 1 TB specially-customized PS4 bundle would be a perfect selling point for enthusiasts and new PS4 owners alike. Despite the game launching earlier in the year (and having no chance to legitimately earn a Game of the Year nomination), it would certainly counter Xbox One’s subtle attempt at bundling their best game of the year (so far).

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