Far Cry Primal Officially Revealed, Out Next February


Finally, after 24 hours of watching virtual paint dry, Ubisoft has revealed their newest video game title. Although it was spoiled early by IGN Turkey, Far Cry Primal is the latest entry into the Far Cry series. Launching for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it will be released on February 23, 2016. After the 24 hours were up, Ubisoft released their reveal trailer to give a peek into what’s in store for its players come late winter.

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Not unlike Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal will see lush greens and numerous palettes of color amid a mountaintop setting. However, as the “Primal” namesake indicates, the game won’t take place during contemporary times. No, the game will be set during the Stone Age, with tribal characters shown crafting hunting spears and bows out of stone and wood. Speaking in an archaic language, the characters are shown sneaking up to, and taking down, massive woolly mammoths with great difficulty as they bring it back for food and clothing. It’s only at the end, at night, where we see other human enemy combatants as a viable threat.

Announced so close to its release date indicates that Far Cry Primal will not, in fact, by a definitive mainstream title in the series. Its alternative mechanics, including the emphasis on survival and tribal combat, insists that it’s an offshoot title similar to that of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, although understandably not as humorous in its attempt. The behind-the-scenes video confirms this, and the fact you can make weapons out of bones just sounds so amazing of a concept. We’ll have to see how such mechanics will be implemented the closer we get to the Far Cry Primal launch next February.

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