New Guitar Hero Live Trailer Shows How To Win The Crowd


A very amusing trailer has just been revealed for Activision’s upcoming Guitar Hero Live. In it, James Franco and Lenny Kravitz demonstrate exactly how


to play Guitar Hero Live: that is, frustrated, confused, and awkward. The two alternate being terrible at the game until a little confidence and goofiness pull them together before a cheering crowd. Check it out, it’s good fun:

It’s predictably silly watching Franco teach Kravitz proper guitar-handling skills, and even sillier at the end when the stunt goes a bit too far. This commercial should do well to educate the public on the joys of Guitar Hero, especially since the series has been MIA for five years. Activision would do well to attract new fans to the game, and pulling in this pair (particularly with Kravitz’s recent appearance in The Hunger Games) should pull that off nicely.

Guitar Hero Live comes out on October 20, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 3, iOS, and Xbox 360. We’ve been keeping track of the songs revealed so far, and you can check them out here.

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