Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival Coming In November, Not Free After All


A steady stream of news on Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival has been released into the wild by Nintendo over the past 24-hours. First, we heard about four new amiibo joining the roster for the game, then we heard about a Japanese release of December 17th and a European release date of November 21st for the game itself. Nintendo has just announced the North American release date, and it’s headed there first on November 13th.

Wait a moment. Is that right? $59.99?

Granted, the bundle includes two amiibo and three amiibo cards. It was thought at one point that amiibo Festival would be free to download, but with amiibo required to play, though this was never confirmed by Nintendo in an official capacity. That may still be the case digitally, but given that amiibo are at a suggested retail of $12.99 each, those picking this up in stores are still shelling out for the game itself.

Furthermore, if you have four friends, right now it looks like you need four unique amiibo to play together, so you’ll be paying $12.99 a pop just to unlock a new character in the title. With the eight characters shown by Nintendo of America plus the four from Japan, we’re up to 12 possible characters, only two of which ship with the game. The amiibo cards are compatible with amiibo Festival as a supplement to mini-games, but don’t work as characters.

We’ll have to wait for more info from Nintendo to fully understand how all of this is supposed to work, but right now this game is shaping up to be some serious milking of the amiibo market on Nintendo’s part. Let’s hope there are enough of these to go around, or some people may not even be able to play the game in the first place.

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