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Update: New Animal Crossing amiibo Too Adorable For amiibo Party


Update: As of this morning, we have a European release date for amiibo Party as well! Animal Crossing: amiibo Party will be out in Europe on November 20, and will come with an Isabelle and Digby amiibo, plus three amiibo cards.  

Original Story:

A new set of Animal Crossing amiibo have been revealed this evening, and we’re talking actual amiibos, not just the amiibo cards. Four new amiibo will be hitting stores in Japan on December 17, with no word on whether they’ll head west or not, though most likely they will eventually. The four amiibo are Blathers, Resetti, Kicks, and Celeste, shown here:  

It is very likely that these four have been announced as companions to the upcoming Wii U title: Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. In a Tweet from Nintendo Japan this evening. it was announced that this game will see a Japanese release date of November 21. It will cost 6480 yen, which is approximately $54 USD.

The most plausible scenario is that North America and Europe will receive these amiibo to go with amiibo Festival whenever the game is localized, presumably sometime in 2016. And, you know, while we’re at it, those would be just adorable companions to a full-on Animal Crossing Wii U title! Come on, Nintendo!

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