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Konami Maintains It Isn’t Leaving Console Gaming Or MGS


Konami’s been in the news frequently of late, mostly in a negative light. The story is that Hideo Kojima is on the way out, that they’re focusing on mobile gaming, and leaving console gaming behind almost completely. Mind, all of these are rumors, but they’re rumors with some meat behind them and given Konami’s tight-lipped nature on the actual events occurring behind their doors, it’s hard not to believe that there isn’t truth to them. But in the little they do say, Konami is sticking to its guns (albeit vaguely) that they aren’t leaving console gaming or the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

In an interview with GameOn, Konami’s UK Community Manager Graham Day renews Konami’s commitment to console gaming and the Metal Gear Solid franchise, but still doesn’t offer anything substantial to chew on as far as the direction of the company. When asked about future Metal Gear games, Day replied, “We’ve said in the past previously that obviously the Metal Gear brand will continue,” and that it could go on without Kojima because “Metal Gear is about the story, it’s about the characters.” He goes on to defend Metal Gear Rising as a title made by third-party developers not closely-associated with the regular Metal Gear team, stating that it was still a very good game.

When asked later about Konami weaning itself off of console gaming and focusing on the mobile market, Day replied, “Don’t believe everything you read in the press,” and claimed that things had “been taken out of context,” insisting that “People should believe in Konami,” while reaffirming that console gaming wasn’t going anywhere.

This would all be a bit more believable if the signs weren’t all pointing in the opposite direction, if Konami’s speech wasn’t consistently vague, and if the only future for Metal Gear currently in sight wasn’t Outbreak.

Please, Konami. Give us something solid to chew on soon.

h/t: GameSpot

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