Report: Konami Turns Its Back On Console Gaming


Though at times it may be difficult to separate fact from rumor, it’s obvious that there are some major changes going on at Konami right now. The most obvious being Hideo Kojima’s likely-imminent departure now that Metal Gear Solid V is out in the wild, but rumors of them going primarily mobile are also prevalent, among other things. We now have a report from French website Gameblog (as translated by EuroGamer) that Konami will be abandoning triple-A production for console games altogether, with the single exception being Pro Evolution Soccer.

EuroGamer’s report goes on to say that Konami has no plans for a major Metal Gear game after Metal Gear Solid V, and that worldwide technology director Julien Merceron has left Konami due to the transition away from console gaming.

Though this report is not confirmed, it would make sense, as Konami has no triple-A games in the works currently beyond a license to Euro 2016. A full transition to mobile gaming would be sad, but not completely shocking.

What’s most frustrating about all this is that Konami has done nothing to quell rumors and give a straightforward idea of what their plans are beyond a few vague, generic PR statements. While we can certainly hope that they’ll surprise us by remaining in a market they’ve had so much past success in, it is unwise to count on it at this point. It’s looking more and more like Metal Gear Solid V was a last hurrah not only for Kojima, but for the series as a whole.

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