Shenmue 3 Asking For More Money Due To Fan Feedback


Shenmue 3 was, for all intents and purposes, a successful Kickstarter campaign. It raised $6,333,295 dollars from over 69,000 backers, although falling short of their ultimate $10 million goal to create a sequel that shared the vision of its predecessors. However, some fans of the project were not able to pledge during the launch window and have asked for an opening up of funding through PayPal (according the developers Ys Net). Because of this, Ys Net has announced another crowdfunding campaign on their Kickstarter page.

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A Slacker Backer page for Shenmue 3 has launched, allowing you to pledge for Kickstarter-like rewards through PayPal submissions, and will run until December 31st of this year. “While the full game will be completed as promised with the use of the funding collected on Kickstarter, any additional funding collected here will go towards reaching the Stretch Goals to make the game even bigger and deeper,” Ys Net writes. “The three month window was set to allow a long enough time to for everyone who wants to support Shenmue III to do so, but short enough to keep the release date on track.”

As the Slacker Backer campaign launches, Ys Net will also be handing out surveys for their Kickstarter pledges to fill out. Once they are completed, it will allow for upgrades to pledges, allowing for more money to be added to their initial backings in order to obtain larger physical and digital game rewards.

If the demand for more money from the fans truly delivers, then it will be a noble venture for Ys Net to strive to create a Shenmue 3 worthy of their vision. However, that won’t stop people from second-guessing their stance with publisher Sony, who will be helping to release the PS4 version of the game. If the funding period ends and not much more money has been generated, it will look like Ys Net was just scrounging around for more money. It’s not a great time for Kickstarter projects to be engaging in that sort of behavior.

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