Mighty Number 9 Needs More Than Near-$4 Million, Re-Opens Crowdfunding


Apparently Comcept, the developers behind the Kickstarter-funded Mighty Number 9 that saw over $3.84 million in funding (a great deal more than the $900,000 it originally asked for), needs more money to help improve the game. That’s why game director and creator Keiji Inafune took to Youtube to implore the community to give his project more money to help “evolve” the game even further.

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While it’s not entirely clear the scope, length or amount that Inafune wants to receive, but we do know that one of the new stretch goals will be $100,000 for English voice acting; to pay its actors and to use studio equipment. You can read more about the request for additional Mighty Number 9 funding here.

And just like that, I’m reminded of the notion that you shouldn’t be backing industry-established video game developers over Indies or creators that don’t have experience developing on their own. Because when you have a cult of personality that Keiji Inafune has, you get instances where you receive millions of dollars from your project, partner with TV producers to make an animated TV show out of the project you are making and STILL have the gall to ask the fans for more money.

You would think Mighty Number 9, a game that received more than 4 times its original requested amount of funds from a great deal of English-speaking backers, could afford to include English VA already, let alone include it in original stretch goals before the likes of a making-of documentary, boss rush modes, online battle race modes and so much more.

Right now, the Mighty Number 9 homepage shows the current amount raised in additional funding, at roughly $2,739 at the time of posting. Support is currently only available in the form of “slacker backers,” AKA people who pre-order the game for $23/copy ($50 for bonus digital content) before its release or who pay $80 to get the Early Access edition. However, the stretch goals only show $100,000 for “Full English Voice,” with question marks only beyond that first goal. There’s no transparency between Comcept, nor is there a scheduled plan. What I can gather from that is that they want to get as much additional funding as possible from their fans by “adding” new features of the top of their head as they go along.

Mighty Number 9 is slated to be released in Early Access form in late 2014.

h/t Destructoid


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