PlayStation VR Is Sony’s Official Title For Project Morpheus


During Sony’s pre-Tokyo Game Show 2015 conference, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia president Atsushi Morita dropped a sizzle reel for Project Morpheus to their Japanese audience. At the end of their reel (which included an awkward segment featuring Summer Lesson), the new logo was revealed for their virtual reality device. No longer named Morpheus, the VR device is now simply called PlayStation VR. An uninspired name, but a solid name nonetheless.

Not much else was mentioned about PlayStation VR. Not a price tag, not a release date, nor were there any upgrades or clarifications made about the current prototype’s specifications. We still know that the device will be coming to stores worldwide in the first half of 2016, although with so few titles publicly know for its launch, who knows if Sony’s step into virtual reality will be delayed.

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Additionally, Sony showcased the logos of some of the games coming to PlayStation VR. In addition to current demos like The Playroom, Kitchen, Rigs, Joysound VR and, of course, Summer Lesson, games like Evol from Aquarion and Final Fantasy XIV Online were displayed on the PlayStation VR splash screen. It will be interesting to see how a MMO game, one that relies heavily on keyboard or controller input, translates into VR. If it’s just using the DualShock 4 to interact with the rest of the MMORPG environment, I can’t imagine what the draw would be.

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