PS4 VR Project Morpheus Shipping In ‘First Half Of 2016’


Just after announcing that the PS4 has sold through more than 20.2 million units directly to consumers since its November 15, 2013 launch, key executives took the stage at GDC 2015 to talk at extensive length about Project Morpheus. Some of the early highlights have been collected over at the PlayStation Blog, where they have relayed the news that Project Morpheus is expected to ship within the first half of 2016. That’s fairly soon, if you’re keeping track with the help of the Gregorian calendar!

That’s not even the most remarkable part of this news piece, as Project Morpheus has undergone some changes since its initial reveal at GDC last year. Most prominently, instead of using a 5 inch LCD screen, the VR headset will come with a 5.7 inch OLED display. OLED, as a reminder, was what the original PS Vita used before the second model was announced. Furthermore, the refresh rate has doubled to 120hz, meaning games can display at up to 120 FPS, something that the PS4 was revealed to be capable of at this conference.

Further alterations to Project Morpheus include a <18 ms latency, a number cut in half from what Sony started with. The headset itself carries 3 extra LED’s (one in the front and one on either side of the head) to bring a 9 LED total for refined movement tracking. Finally, the headband itself has been altered for user support, making it easier to remove and less obtrusive to your face.

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With the PS4 constrained in its technical specifications, the limits of games creation can only be explored through optimization of game development source codes. Keeping that in mind, what Sony has revealed today in the Project Morpheus is still considered a prototype to them. It’s a strong candidate, too, just days after HTC and Valve announced their partnership to create the HTC Vive. They say more is in store at E3, where more VR games and extra events will unveil the mystery of Sony’s virtual reality device as launch date approaches.

With an ultra-fluid framerate that comes with Project Morpheus, I can’t wait to see what game designers have in mind for the device.

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