Will Mortal Kombat X Add Sindel To Their Roster?


After the first Kombat Pack saw the addition of a bunch of guest characters, one wondered what would be next for Mortal Kombat X in 2016. All we’ve seen amounts to a group of shadowy figures waiting in the ether, but according to Shoryuken a classic character may be coming back in playable form.

Right now in Mortal Kombat X, the current Invasion Boss for the online team-factions-based co-op play is Sindel. Like other invasion bosses, she is too powerful to be taken down by one player, and it’s up to each faction to slowly, but surely, chip away at her health amid taking monster combos to the chin repeatedly. Once she is defeated, the faction that took the most damage off her health bar will receive a bonus reward.

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The problem to this story? The Invasion Boss characters for Mortal Kombat X play have all been pulled from the current roster, including Scorpion, Mileena and Shinnok. She was a character that players encountered during the story mode, however it’s a weird pull to break tradition with a renowned, important character to the series just for giggles. Because of this, many are starting to put two and two together in suggesting that she will become a playable character with the Kombat Pack 2 once it’s released next year.

Unfortunately, only time or NetherRealm Studios will tell. You can check out gameplay footage of Sindel as the recent Mortal Kombat X invasion boss below.

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