Minecraft: Story Mode Beta Playable At PAX Prime


PAX Prime is only a few days away, yet we’re still getting wonderful surprise announcements in its very short lead up. Minecraft: Story Mode will be playable in its beta form on the show floor, Telltale Games says in a release, marking the first time the game will be playable in a public setting since its announcement oh so many months ago. In fact, it will be the first time anyone outside of employees at Telltale and Mojang will get to try it out, media included.

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Minecraft: Story Mode brings an excellent cast of voice actors from film, television and standup comedy alike. In addition to handing out gameplay time with the beta, Telltale will also be giving out a new Minecraft: Story Mode t-shirt for each day of PAX Prime, with a limited reserve for those wearing shirts from previous days. Essentially, if you advertise their upcoming game by donning their clothing throughout PAX Prime (or just switch shirts after each day), you can collect them all each morning. It’s going down at Booth #3117 if you’re planning on showing up.

Outside of new Minecraft gameplay, Telltale Games will be hosting a live crowd play of Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4. Fans of the episodic adventure series will be able to choose as a group each of the major decisions that are involved with the episode’s story. That will take place at the Wyvern Theater on Saturday, August 29 at 8:30 PM, and is expected to run for an hour. Special giveaways have been promised, as well.

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