Minecraft Story Mode Being Developed By Telltale Games


Nope, you are not reading this incorrectly. Telltale Games is coming together with Mojang to create a narrative-driven story for Minecraft. It is aptly called Minecraft Story Mode, and will be released episodically in 2015 for the PC, PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, Mac, iOS and Android-based devices. You can get a feel for how this kind of game might play be interacting with the “Info Quest II” interactive reveal of the game.

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The new Minecraft Story Mode will be written and developed by Telltale Games, but will include input by some people working at Mojang, as well as members of the Minecraft community. For those concerned that Telltale will be ruining or effectively “creating” official lore within the world of Minecraft, Mojang is quick to point out that it will be considered non-canon, and not considered official lore. It is set to look similar to Minecraft, using company assets, but not an exact 1:1 re-creation. Finally, the game itself will explore new characters within the Minecraft universe, with some familiar faces popping in from time to time. It will not look into the story of Steve, a default player protagonist of Minecraft.

What’s interesting to note is the list of platforms that Minecraft Story Mode will be available on. Since we heard about Microsoft purchasing Mojang for a huge sum, they had promised that Minecraft would be supported by third-party platforms. Even when it comes to third-party development studios, the song remains the same. It will be interesting to see how Telltale Games pulls off a Minecraft story, when so much of the game’s allure is the ability to create objects with the skill and the creativity of the player, themselves. Hopefully, we get to see some of that play out when the game begins its release cycle next year.

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