More Rock Band 4 Songs Added To Setlist


As promised last night on the Rock Band Twitter account, a new batch of songs have been announced for Rock Band 4. They include artists and bands like Heart, White Denim, System of a Down and The Black Keys (mark me down for some more Rock Band 4 Bingo spaces).

Here is the full list of songs, along with their artists.

  • 4 Non Blondes – “What’s Up?”
  • The Black Keys – “Fever”
  • Disturbed – “Prayer”
  • Duck & Cover – “Knock Em Down”
  • Eddie Japan – “Albert”
  • Fall Out Boy – “Centuries”
  • Halestorm – “I Miss The Misery”
  • Heart – “Kick It Out”
  • Heaven’s Basement – “I Am Electric”
  • Lightning Bolt – “Dream Genie”
  • Rick Derringer – “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo”
  • Rush – “A Passage To Bangkok”
  • Scorpions – “No One Like You”
  • Slydigs – “Light The Fuse”
  • Soul Remnants – “Dead Black (Heart of Ice)”
  • System of a Down – “Spiders”
  • White Denim – “At Night In Dreams”

The above accompanying trailer shows some of these Rock Band 4 songs in action. More specifically, you can look for the pseudo-psychedelic rock of The Black Keys, the preppy emo-pop of Fall Out Boy, the hard dad rock of Scorpions and the sultry vocals paired with dreary guitar licks of System of a Down.

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This is by far the largest amount of Rock Band 4 songs announced in one sitting, bringing the overall total now to 39. With 30 pre-order bonus songs also coming, in addition to any other unannounced songs, I’m hoping we start to see some real showstoppers get announced. This collection of songs is nice, but to focus on contemporary pop songs is a bit concerning for a series that has added them at a premium. Harmonix understands they have to get their foot into the door of a popular generation, so hopefully the DLC train picks up steam on stuff like rock and alt-rock albums.

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