E3 2015: Rock Band 4 Bingo


Each song in Rock Band 4 has survived the exhausting process of parsing community requests, personal biases, and legal red tape, all in the pursuit of a top-tier soundtrack. We here at GameSided are committed to uncovering the specifics of this super-secret song selection formula in order to predict Rock Band 4’s setlist.

We began our research by carefully examining the six already-announced songs and then began the arduous task of selecting specific song variables to which we committed ourselves. Through this process of careful observations, historical analysis, predictive thinking, and talentless guesswork, we’ve compiled a selection of “scientific song selection spreadsheets”, also known as Bingo cards.

At the end of our research, our three song scientists arrived at three separate conclusions. We’ll be watching and waiting for Harmonix to reveal additional songs, or possibly the entire Rock Band 4 setlist during E3 2015. When the dust settles, we’ll see if any of our scientists managed to uncover the Harmonix formula.

Yours truly (@PsycoRevolution), is predicting a beefy mix of contemporary alternative bands and classic rock, topped off with a dollop of modern pop.

Our fearless leader, Daniel George (@ItsDanielGeorge), is predicting an eclectic selection of songs with a few daring grabs. (Editor’s Note: I’m so convinced about my “The Black Keys” pick that I’m calling my shot with the song “Fever”)

Our sports guru, Fraser G. (@_Just1MoreGame), is predicting a lot of familiar faces will return for Rock Band 4.

Whose card do you think has the best chance of winning? Let us know in the comments below! You should also share your Rock Band 4 song guesses by tweeting to @GamesidedDotCom using the hashtag #rb4bingo.

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