Driveclub Finally Coming To PS Plus This Week


It’s been a long “the entirety of the PS4’s life” time coming, but Driveclub PS Plus Edition is finally on its way. President of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida made the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, saying that users can expect to first see the title come to PS Plus owners on the PS4 starting on Thursday, June 25.

It comes with some caveats, however. Although the PS4-launch-day promise made 2 years ago is finally coming true tomorrow, online Driveclub play will not be available straight from the get-go. Instead, it will be rolled out to users over a non-specified amount of time. Full access will be granted to all offline modes, however Sony wants to take extra precautions as to avoid recreating the terrible launch problems Driveclub suffered from when it came to online servers last October.

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The timing could not come at a better time for Sony, as the current dearth of titles being released in the summer will breathe new life into the Driveclub fanbase. I have had just a brief amount of time playing the game (outside of my Fan Expo preview), but it certainly creates an excellent blend of simulation and arcade racer. Not only that, but it handles dynamic weather in a way that has only been surpassed by Project CARS, a title so driven by its simulation-diehard fanbase and its crowdfunding that they’re trying to pull it off again. Hopefully, a resurgence of users will help justify a new title in the series.

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