Valve Gives Source 2 Engine to Video Makers With Source Filmmaker Reborn


The Dota 2 Reborn Beta will include a version of Source Filmmaker running on the Source 2 engine, according to a blog post on the SFM website.

This means Dota 2 movies should be easier to make, and look even better. This version of the animation software is called Source Filmmaker Reborn, and is tied to Dota 2 Reborn. This Dota-specific version is a separate program from the original Source Filmmaker, and will have its own workshop content. This is somewhat frustrating for video creators, but I think the fact that they have Source 2 will easily make up for that inconvenience.

Source Filmmaker is the machinima creation tool that Valved released to the public back in June 2012. Since it’s release, Source Filmmaker has been powering some of the best-looking machinima on the internet.

Source Filmmaker is the same tool the developers and animators have been using internally at Valve to create their cinematics. The first of these were the famous Meet The Team videos from Team Fortress 2. The initial release of the animation tool came with the original Meet the Heavy project file, leading to a tidal wave of parody videos on Youtube.

Source Filmmaker Reborn is free, and comes bundled inside the Dota 2 Reborn which is currently in open beta.

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