Dota 2 Reborn Announced by Valve


Dota 2 is undergoing a complete transformation into Dota 2 Reborn, Valve announced. Changes will mostly take effect on the interface with a new engine, but there are other changes coming as well in the coming weeks. Here is a look at the new dashboard:

The dashboard makes use of a new UI framework for easy use. Wherever you are on the new dashboard, you will always be able to start up a game through the “Play Dota” button on the bottom-right corner.

Exploring your Dota friends’ accomplishments have become more streamlined. Hovering over their name shows you their “mini profile” with their accomplishments. You can also compare your playstyle to a friend’s using the Playstyle Graph that aligns both your stats side-by-side.

Other conveniences include the Party Chat. The “Whisper” feature that opens up a new chat panel with a Steam friend, regardless of whether that friend is on Dota or not. You can also open multiple chat windows at a time in bigger chat rooms.

Party management has become easier, where you can now merge parties and choose party leaders. You can also set up the Party Beacon to set your or your group’s status to “Open”, signifying you are open to more players joining in.

Part of the Dota 2 revamp includes strengthening support for new players, where the tutorial has been fully revamped to guide first-timers. A new system of “Guided Bot Matches” brings in new players into mock matches with AI tutorial guidance.

There are several other new features like the revamped DotaTV and personalizing and demoing your hero. You can read about each feature in more detail on the Dota 2 page.

There are more announcements of the transformation coming, with next week details focusing on custom games.

(via Dota 2)

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