E3 2015: Total War Warhammer Celebrates 15 Years Of Total War


A few months ago,

Total War Warhammer was announced

for PC, Mac and SteamOS. The game is still in pre-alpha, with no gameplay available, but we did get some vague concept art during the E3 2015 PC Gaming Show, along with a new trailer celebrating fifteen years of Total War. Check it out:

Catch that tease at the end? We’ll get an in-engine trailer in July, so at least the game is making progress. Total War: Warhammer will be an RTS with a turn-based strategy elements. Total War: Warhammer (or Total Warhammer, as I’m sure we’ll call it) is obviously based on the Warhammer franchise, adding fantasy and heroic elements to the grounded warfare of Total War. Like that chimera, at the end. Warhammer borrows many elements from Tolkien’s stories in Middle Earth, so we’re sure to see all sorts of interesting twists and magicks thrown into the mix that will make strategy very interesting.

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