Total War: Warhammer Brings RTS To A Classic Fantasy


For most of the Total War series’ run starting in the 21st Century, their games have been real-time strategies set in historical periods of our past. Today, however, the series will take a giant leap forward into the realm of RTS fantasy. As announced in a press release, SEGA of America and Europe have teamed up with developers Creative Assemble and Games Workshop to bring forth Total War: Warhammer. As the name suggests, it will be a large-scale RTS based on the Warhammer franchise. An announcement trailer video has also been released to coincide with this new revelation.

It what will inevitably be referred to as “Total Warhammer” by fans closer to launch, Total War: Warhammer is the first in a trilogy of expected games, with two additional games and an untold amount of additional content packs necessary for SEGA to flush out this series of games. The scale of combat seems to remain large, although due to the advent of flying creatures, magical entities and legendary heroes, the tactical control of combat will explore new realms of possibility.

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While the mixing of two prolific franchises, of which reality and fantasy counteract, can alienate the fans of both, I have hope for Total War: Warhammer. Yes, it would be propped up against the current field of fantasy-based real-time strategy games, however the sense of gameplay mechanics remains what the Total War series has come to known over these past decades. It could very well be worse; a genre departure into the MOBA department that every franchise wants to foolishly attempt.

Total War: Warhammer will be released on PC, Mac and SteamOS, with the promise that it will be “coming soon.”

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