E3 2015: Fallout Shelter Announced for iOS, Available Now


During its E3 conference, Bethesda shared some extensive details about Fallout Shelter, the mobile spin-off of its famous Fallout series. The best details of all? It’s available now on iOS and it’s free!

Fallout Shelter is a project the company’s had in mind since development of Fallout 3. It wanted to create a game that could only be fully realized with a touchscreen-based platform, so Bethesda partnered with Apple for the new title.

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In Fallout Shelter, players act as the Overseer of their very own Vault, controlling everything in order to keep its numerous dwellers happy and productive, which can prove a challenge as fires can break out and raiders can attack randomly. As you progress, you’re able to add new rooms to your Vault, including classrooms, bars and gyms that help train and level up your dwellers, which is helpful for sending them out on missions into the Wasteland. The game takes inspiration from titles like XCOM, Sim City and Progress Quest.

Players have the option of purchasing lunchboxes that contain random loot – which is the basic reward for successfully completed missions – but there are no requirements to shell out real money to progress in the game. The company promises that there are no paywalls or timers to hinder gameplay and there’s no need for an internet connection. That’s pretty much the best kind of app right there.

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